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What is the crime of non support?

Criminal nonsupport statutes exist, in some form, in all 50 states. The severity of the punishments range from misdemeanors with small fines and short jail sentences to felonies with high fines and lengthy prison terms. Generally a state must prove that the defendant acted knowingly or intentionally and that the defendant failed to provide support.

Failure to Pay Child Support

If you are finding it difficulty to pay your payments, are are already behind on child support, you need to act now. Don’t wait any longer to find help. Friends of Fathers understand how quickly your debt piles up, and know that getting back on track needs to happen fast. Call today for your free consultation and we promise to give you reliable and honest advice, helping you avoid dangerous legal consequences in the future. You can overcome child support issues with our help, so call us right now.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my child support payments lowered?

Many parents find themselves in a situation where they are unable to make their child support payments. If you’ve been wondering, “How can I get my child support payments lowered,” it’s time to find some answers. Sometimes, the child support amount that was initially agreed upon is proven impossible. Significant life events can sometimes qualify you for a change in your child support arrangement. These life changes may include losing your job, a serious injury or disability, a change in marital status, or a change in household income. To lower child support payments you and the custodial parent must agree to the change or have a judge order the change.

Can arrears be forgiven for child support?

You have several options to consider if you have arrears. There is a possibility you can waive interest, correct errors in past child support calculations, or modify future payments. To waive interest, you will have to petition to waive the interest on your back child support. You may need to provide proof of incorrect child support amounts by securing proper documents. If you’re looking for the answer to a question like “Can arrears be forgiven for child support?” it’s time to reach out for help.

Is it a felony to not pay child support?

According to Michigan’s statutes, a parent may be charged with a felony for nonpayment of child support if the parent is willfully withholding support payments. Generally, nonpayment of child support may result in a felony conviction only if the parent repeatedly fails to make child support payments and willfully withholds those payments. If convicted of felony nonpayment, Michigan’s sentencing guidelines allow a court to order the non-paying parent to spend up to four years in prison and/or to pay fines of up to $2,000. If you’re looking for the answer to “Is it a felony to not pay child support?” it’s time to get some help.

Can child support affect your credit score?

Yes, failure to pay your child support affects your credit score. The only way to improve your credit is to pay overdue child support. Being current on your child support payments is the only way to avoid negative impacts on your credit score. Although it will stay on your credit report once it is reported to the credit bureaus, making payments will still significantly increase your credit rating. Looking for the answer to the question “Can child support affect your credit score?” call for help today.

Is the high wage garnishment causing you and your new family a financial hardship?

If your wage garnishment is causing you and your family financial hardship, there is a chance you can reduce your child support payments. You need to obtain the documents you need to prove that your child support payments are too high for your new household. Remember, never stop making payments, as this will only lead to further issues down the road. It’s important to act fast and secure the proof you will need in court in order to reduce your child support payments. Call us today for a free consultation, and we will do everything we can to get you on the road to more reasonable payments in the future. Is the high wage garnishment causing you and your new family a financial hardship? It’s time to get some help.

Do believe the child support arrears balance is incorrect?

Child support arrears are the past due child support payments that the noncustodial parent (or the parent without primary custody of the child) owes to the custodial parent. If you owe arrears you’ll need to understand how the process works before you can resolve the issue. Do you believe the child support arrears balance is incorrect? Read more to discover your options.

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